Thursday, June 21, 2012

Pakistani Fashion Model

Fashion model Sam b has worked with numerous leading UK & Pakistani Fashion designers and Fashion celebrities. Some of them including Maria b, Nickie & Nina, Faiza Samee, Laaleeyan, Fusica, Sai Fashions, Kyles jewelry, Parineeta, Mona Vora, Gul's Style, Imani studios, Omar Mansoor and Sana Designer wear etc.

Fashion model Sam b has also performed in a few TV advertisements like Sabihas beauty studio; the commercial was telecasted on star plus and Venus TV. One more T.V commercial of Sam b, which was representing UK Citizenship centre, was telecasted on DM Digital and Prime TV.

Fashion model Sam b has also proved her guts in the documentary shoots as well, which was telecasted on Wedding TV Asia.

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